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Merchant's Lane

Even the name stroke a cord. This is the new cafe - opened in the last couple of months, located at Petaling Street. It was at the quieter end of the street, towards Bulatan Merdeka, located right next to Advanced Tertiary College.

Nicely tucked away on top of a stationary shop, if could prove to be tricky to find as the sign leading up the stairs were pretty small.

But once you got into the cafe, you would surely be charmed by the rustic surrounding and ambiance. You might mistaken to be in either Penang or Melaka. An old pre-war building, a converted shophouse - apparently it used to be a brothel! - with the exterior and anterior walls preserved.

The ceiling was opened up letting in natural light making the place appeared bigger and cosier. There was the main part where the coffee counter was located with an open seating area, but should you venture towards the back, there were more seating, and this time it was out in the opened. A pretty unique find and from now on, I would definitely be sitting at the back!

I stopped there to join my KLickr friends during the recent photowalk, and I would definitely be taking Anita along the next time. She would definitely love it.

How was the food? The menu was still pretty basic, and they were heavy on the breakfast and comfort food. I ordered some fried salmon with wasabi mayo. It was really nice, plus a hot mocha. A definite retreat away from the hustle and bustle of town life.

There were parking lot right opposite as well if you plan to drive in. In my case, I was on foot all the way from Central Market with the rest of the gang. Certainly a great little cafe with plenty of potential. It would sure to generate plenty of Instagram photos and Swarm check-ins. Highly recommended!

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