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Wider View

It was always nice to try new things in photography. On some of the blogs, I saw some nice shots using wide angle lens on street photography, something I was yet to try.

So, last week I decided to dust off my wide-angle Fujinon 10-23mm and took my X-Pro2 for a walk. I was pleasantly surprised with my captures.

I decided to snap in RAW mode as I felt that I might struggle to bring up the shadows using such a wide-angle lens in high-contrast environment. But the beauty carried through even in my indoors, high ISO captures. Maybe the stabilisation built into the lens helped.

It allowed my to capture the scene in perspective, giving a meaning to the composed image while giving me plenty of leeway for post-processing cropping, at the expense of loss of resolution. The 24 MP sensor coped well and the final images retained their contrast as well as their colour.

I tried the setup at three separate venues. First when I left the LRT at Central Market on the way to Urbanscapes House at Medan Tuanku. Secondly at the Urbanscapes House itself, pushing it to high ISO and testing the stabilisation. Lastly, I ventured on around Masjid India before catching the LRT back to NU Sentral where I parked.

Next step, the 42 MP Alpha 7R mk II full frame with the 18 mm Batis. My ultimate goal would be to pair a medium format body to a wide angle prime .... at least in my dreams ...

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