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Low Light

During my outing in search for dinner last evening, I managed to test the capability of the HTC One low light performance first hand. The camera was designed with bigger pixels on the sensor, in order to boost the low light capability, while sacrificing the pixel count. A big compromise and something of a gamble for the company, as otherwise the One seemed to be topping out the other specs.

So, I put the 4 mega pixel to task. I'd didn't disappoint, although the snaps seemed to last contrast - something that Aperture or Snapseed could fix easily in post.

I'm already smitten with its daily use especially in street photography setting. With the ultra pixels and optical image stabilisation, it certainly was capable of some stunning shots. Certainly not in the same bracket with the X100 or SLR, but for a camera phone the results were surprising.

I couldn't say if this was the best since I have yet to use the iPhone 5 in this setting - I knew, sad wasn't it. If anybody wanting to lend me their iPhone 5? Anybody? Don't be shy.....

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Weekend Coming

Well, had a good night sleep after a few nights of sore throat and body aches. The bar weather than we have been having also didn't help, and with the air conditioning in my ward needed repair - it had been extra warm in the corridor - wearing a lab coat felt like a challenge.

I'm on call for Haematology this weekend, but otherwise I expect to be free. Hopefully it stayed nice and sunny through out. It would be a bit of a bummer if it was sunny ball weekday and ended up with a stormy weekend. I might go into town again looking at the HTC One, being released in the middle of the week.

Last weekend was a weekend full of dinner with Mother's Day being the excuse. We might have a quiet dinner for Idlan's birthday since I will be on call on his actual birthday. Something to do during the weekend then.

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