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So, the Internet had been moved to the new unit from the old one. Fibre system, and clocked at 30 Mbs, with no cap - well, at least for the moment. The fibre also supply the IPTV for my apartment, and at the moment the speed I was getting was really great.

Downloading movie from my iTunes account only took a few minutes. But the problem I had at the moment was my internet repeater causing delays and cutting down on the download speed. But still, I was getting great speed. However, nowhere near the raw speed I was getting into my study room.

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Time for Uploading

After a couple of full days of photo taking, post-editing came as a drag. Even though I have the routine sorted out, it was the upload onto the server later on which could take some time. Usually Sunday morning would be the best time, but loading up almost 200MB of data on a slow broadband connection from the Gombak home - the apartment had 30Gb - took a bit longer usually.

The main photographs were from the Urbanscapes outing yesterday afternoon. I have yet to find time to blog about that. Maybe I would do that some time thins afternoon. As for now, it was time for breakfast, and Sunday morning rounds.

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