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Sunday Ride

Anita asked me to take Grab. I was never very keen. I prefer MRT. And as I was planning to attend the Malaysia Coffee Fest at 1Utama, I decided to do just that. Rather than order Grab, I parked my car in town and take the MRT.

The entrance at Bukit Bintang StationNice and clean once you enter the stationThis is Malaysia's longest escalatorAnd the platforms were on top of each other ...I left my car at Pavilion this time as I planned to go to Low Yat later. So, after lunch, I strolled along Bukit Bintang and started my train ride there.

Arriving at Bandar UtamaAll mapped outVery convenient. Before long, I was already up in open air as the train emerged off the ground near Semantan. The weather was gorgeous and there were hardly anybody on the train on this Sunday afternoon.

An enjoyable ride indeed. Arriving at Bandar Utama stop, I then walked through the One World Hotel to reach my my venue. And the party was already at full swing as the aroma of freshly blended coffee bean hit me as I reached the 1Utama main lobby.

Time to head back into town ...Smooth ride both over and underground ...And the weather had been gorgeous all day ...Let's sample some beans ...

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Ending Raya Break Part II

From Part I ...

Lunch was nice. The sun was high at the time and heat was searing. I then walked by Dataran Merdeka - which was calm that day - angling towards the River of Life before stopping at one of the shops for more drinks.

The birds at Lebuh AmpangBy Masjid Jamek and the newly-built shadesThe corridor of the old Court House next to Masjid JamekThe old COurt had been converted into a modern theatreWaiting under the shadesPart of the Sultan Abdul Samad Building. Hopefully it will long be preserved ...Next was Medan Pasar with a stop at Ruang to catch a small exhibition - The Towns of Malaya - enjoying the air conditioning and some real nice history. Next was Central Market. I debated for another stop or just to take the MRT to Bukit Bintang. Bukit Bintang won.

The Sultan Abdul Samad Building from the rear. The tall pole at Dataran Merdeka can be seen as well.You've been warned .... no hanky-panky around here ...The colourful building by the River of Life. The colour of the buildings reminds me of Amsterdam.The flagpole by Dataran Merdeka. Used to be the tallest in the World.Across to the National Textile Museum The newly refurbished Kafe Old Market Square by Medan Pasar.Heading North ...At Bukit Bintang, I stopped for another coffee before making my way on foot past Pavilion back to KLCC using the elevated walkway. I was back at Suria where I started just before 4 pm taking the time to browse at Kinokuniya before returning home ...

A quick stop at RuangTaking the MRT from Central Market, heading to Bukit BintangBack to Pavilion and the famous fountainThe World Cup FeverMaking my way back to KLCC using the walkwayMore World Cup shenanigans Now that was a full day. Plenty to snap but it would have been better with an early start where the sun was lower and the heat was not as bad ...

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New Look Bukit Bintang

It must have taken at least four years to get the MRT done around the centre of town. That was how long that famous intersection at Bukit Bintang was thrown into chaos, followed by the closure of Bukit Bintang Plaza - which is still being rebuilt.

Still some landscaping needed doing ...Another entrance round the cornerThose iconic landmarks ...It had finally be opened and the place had been cleaned up quite well. The traffic were starting to build but the flow was a lot smoother than it used to be. It looked less chaotic but I was sure once the new Bukit Bintang Plaza was built, the chaos would return.

Let's go across ...Passed the old Bukit Bintang towards Capitol Hotel and Low YatThe old car park being torn down ....The new MRT station there was still spankingly clean, transforming this area.

Back to Bukit BintangThere used to be a nice cafe there, which had been closed earlier this yearI am sure this crossing would be iconic in the futureI was at the intersection a few Sundays ago to have a feel of how the place had become. More cosmopolitan but on the whole rather too sterile for my liking. Maybe in the months to come, the place would acquire a character of its own, if not back to the old charm.

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First MRT Ride

It had to start somewhere.

Even though half of the MRT line connecting Kajang and Sungai Buloh had been opened for the last 6 months, this was the first time I tried the ride. After parking my car at NU Sentral, I walked along KL Sentral towards the connecting station at Muzium Negara. A nice walk - across at least 6 escalators which were moving faster that I used to.

This way ...Then up this escalatorWalk straight on towards the entrance to Le Meridien and HiltonAnd further on ...After about 10 minutes, I reached the station proper, tapped my Touch & Go card, down another escalator to the platform. Very frequent train - every 8 minutes on that Saturday afternoon - which each train stretching along the whole station. It must have been 8 coaches per train at least which definitely made the journey both pleasant and efficient.

The coaches were also more spacious that the notoriously cramped Monorel - which not only had less frequent services, only served a couple of coaches per trip. It was night and day.

Everything was well postedAnd then we go deep undergroundAnd we go deeper ....Finally we reached the terminal. And time to get the tickets ...On the whole, I was very pleasantly surprised. It was more in keeping with KL heading towards a World Class city. The shame was the project was delayed a few times. Such public transport should have been in place 10, if not 15 years back. The fear moving forward would be the investments put in for maintenance. Generally speaking, we are good at building but slow to act and service what is crumbling ...

Now we are at the platform ...To the left, or to the right?Make sure you catch the right ride ...Finally reaching Bukit Bintang. Another escalator up ...Definitely worth a try and I personally would be using it more as the trip from NU Sentral to Bukit Bintang was nothing but pleasant. Best to take advantage of the 50% discounts before Merdeka.

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Roadwork at Bukit Bintang

Clearly Bukit Bintang would never be the same anymore. Especially looking at the amount of digging they were doing around the iconic intersection between Jalan Bukit Bintang and Sultan Ismail. And it had been going on for the last couple of years, with an almost constant changing of the road layout around that particular area.

This development also had contributed to the closure of another famous landmark, the Bukit Bintang Plaza.

So, on my way to Low Yat Plaza last weekend, I went past the famous intersection again. There were still a big crowd mingling about, but the layout had changed again. The pedestrian walkway was still preserved but getting across the road could be a bit tricky.

I saw a few Mat Salleh stopping at the junction trying to get around the place. I was sure they stayed at a hotel nearby and wanted to explore the area. Not a good time for that mate!

Some heavy gear there ...I sure hope that all these distractions would pay dividend at the end of the day. There had been a lot of investment here and I hope that it would all be worth it .....

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