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High Speed Rail

There are many development plans from the last administration which would help elevate Malaysia to the next level. A national railway network would have been one of the steps to the right direction.

Imagine getting to Penang in 2 hours. 3 hours to either Kota Bharu or Singapore from KL? That would be awesome.

The plan was there but the implementation had created a lot of ill feelings. There were too many middle men making a quick buck escalating the cost. If we were to continue with the current plan, the cost per kilometer of a train service to Singapore would be among the highest in the world.

I for one agree that the rail network should go ahead but after some renegotiation. The current cost is just too high.

I was in Singapore last weekend. Both the journeys out and back were delayed. I spent more time at the airport than the actual travel. A clear waste of time. It would be more efficient to take the train instead. And with a high speed network, the journey would have been faster taking into account the travel time to the centre of KL from the airport.

Hopefully in the years to come, this would be built. We shall just need to wait and watch ...

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Sunday Ride

Anita asked me to take Grab. I was never very keen. I prefer MRT. And as I was planning to attend the Malaysia Coffee Fest at 1Utama, I decided to do just that. Rather than order Grab, I parked my car in town and take the MRT.

The entrance at Bukit Bintang StationNice and clean once you enter the stationThis is Malaysia's longest escalatorAnd the platforms were on top of each other ...I left my car at Pavilion this time as I planned to go to Low Yat later. So, after lunch, I strolled along Bukit Bintang and started my train ride there.

Arriving at Bandar UtamaAll mapped outVery convenient. Before long, I was already up in open air as the train emerged off the ground near Semantan. The weather was gorgeous and there were hardly anybody on the train on this Sunday afternoon.

An enjoyable ride indeed. Arriving at Bandar Utama stop, I then walked through the One World Hotel to reach my my venue. And the party was already at full swing as the aroma of freshly blended coffee bean hit me as I reached the 1Utama main lobby.

Time to head back into town ...Smooth ride both over and underground ...And the weather had been gorgeous all day ...Let's sample some beans ...

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The Drive Down

The drive down the hill was quite adventurous. Big bus, steep downhill drive, Italian driver. Great combination. Luckily I didn't succumb to motion sickness. Otherwise I would have to say goodbye to my big breakfast on the seats.

Got in town in one piece despite the morning traffic which awaited us as soon as we reached the foothill.

From the terminal, it was a 10 minute walk to the Congress Hall. The sun was still hidden behind the clouds then, so it was time for jumper to be on. What should I be listening to this morning?

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