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We sure had fun setting it up, but in the end, we realised that a 40 by 40 feet in open air may just be a touch too big to be cosy. We made the best of it though. We were at the KLue area in Urbanscapes, right at the end, near the much-maligned non-floating hot air balloon area. At least KLcikrVille took off ……

Since internet was sluggish, we brought our own P1 unit, so surfing in and around the tent was smooth. So was the uploads of photos. The open space however, negated our effort to have a good audio and visual projection, bright sunlight and loud live music conspired against our effort somewhat. The theme was the colours of flicker - re pick and purple. Right, it was not me doing the picking. We got our own sound system, projectors and drinks. Cameras of course. Despite being at KLickerVille almost all day, I still managed more than 200 snaps! We shared our tent with a lomo photography group, so they were the one pulling in the visitors. We distributed leaflets and managed to get crowd in from time to time, but the location well away from the main walking area did not help. The bright sunshine and breezy day was a contrast from the thunderstorm the previous couple of days. Shame that the hot air balloon did not take off, as it would have been a great spectacle. Clear blue sky and carnival atmosphere, and you have balloon in the sky …. Bliss!

What was important was we plodded on, and was rewarded with successful 5 minute Photo Express session. I was also currently in the middle of selecting the winner for the Photo Hunt we organised. Shafina, the Mayor of KLickr was ill however that afternoon, which was a bit of a downer. And with my family traveling down from Kuala Kangsar, I had to leave early as well, meaning before 9, and Bunkface showing up. I did listen to them during their soundcheck a day earlier anyhow, so I was not really complaining.

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