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Final Thoughts

Echoing what I mentioned in the previous posts, Urbanscapes 2011 was fun, but I personally felt that 2009 was better. This unfortunately had a lot to do with the venue. Why? An arts festivals should be outdoor isn’t it? But not if your niche is audiovisual. You would need a combination of the two. At KLPAC, there were indoor audiotorium, indoor concert arena, indoor exhibition area and studios, to supplement the outdoor party, complete with an outdoor concert stage as well as a more organised DJ area and grassland for party, as well as a separate area for food and stalls. It was just a perfect venue for this kind of festival.

KLPAC was also right in the middle of town, in an oasis so to speak, with Sentul Park at one end, and a lake, with a koi pond for good measure. Parking was also much more organised, and should you be late and had to park outside, the walk into KLPAC was also a pleasant one. There were better toilet facilities, the area for the various events were near each other. Should it be raining, one just need to scamper into ether the main building or the annex. Imagine if there was a thunderstorm at Astaka. We had to evacuate the field I was sure. There was also plenty of area at KLPAC for you to wind down indoors, not to mention a comfortable area for solat.

If I was allowed to vote, definitely I would go for KLPAC.

What were the positives? Plenty of toilets for a start, and not to mentioned the excellent sign postings and cleaning attendants - plenty of them around. The organisers were also very helpful. We had crew form KLue checking up on us to see if there was anything missing that we needed fixing for the day. The soggy field did not dampen the enthusiasm of the punters. The vast size of Astaka field however gave the illusion of not many people attending. I was sure there were just as much. Everybody who did turn up were in good spirit however.

Astaka was also more accessible by public transport compared to KLPAC, but from what I observed, the majority still took their own car and parked nearby. As for my KLickr friends, we had a blast although it was tiring. Given better circumstances, things could have gone a lot better. Time and budget constraint limit us somewhat, and as I mentioned previously, we made the most out of it in the end. Work commitments did get on my way unfortunately, and I wished that I can spend more effort to make it better. Unfortunately, at the rate I am going,I don’t think I could be contributing mush next year, where ever it would be held.

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