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We managed to escape to the cinemas last night to watch the latest James Bond instalment, Skyfall. A departure from the normal plot, a more personal take on the Bond enigma. Not necessarily the best bond, but certainly different. I was sufficiently warned of the narrative to have a lightly different expectation.

This time around, there was no ravishing Bond Girl, no gadgets to dream about, and certainly the villain should I say, less demonic. But a villain there was, and it was none other than the superb Javier Bardem. He was a class act. In fact, this year, we had been blessed by some proper movie villain. Remember Batman and Loki. Bardem's character was just as good, although a lot funnier.

The opening chase was on par with the previous Bond movies, this time it was in Istanbul, and it certainly brought the pulse racing with motorcycle chase on the roof of the Grand Bazaar. Memorable. Then came the first twist in the plot, right at the end of the chase ..... and the story kicked off from there.

There were a few satisfactory revelation at the end of the movie, certainly justifying longevity of the franchise. I would definitely recommend the movie to everyone, as long they do not expect this to be their typical Bond farce. It was more dramatic and personal. Gadget freak should stay away, full stop .....

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