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Pavilion Again

Idlan has his Quran class today, so I returned to Gombak for Iftar today to join the rest of the family. As I was on call yesterday and due to lack of sleep, I ended up sleeping in front of the TV as soon as I reached home. I was woken up in time for Maghrib, and groggily I went upstairs for food. It was one of those meal where you couldn't remember exactly what you've eaten. I was better after the shower.

So, on the way back to the apartment, we decided to take a tour to Pavilion as I had to settle my credit card bills. Peckish since I hardly eaten during iftar, I gobbled down some sandwich, and then with the boys had a nightcap at Godiva. Nice rich, fattening chocolate!

More topping upAfter the meal, Anita did some shopping, and I was left with my camera to explore the Raya decorations around Pavilion. The theme was not very clear, but the had plenty of way - traditional Malay kite - hanging around. Plenty of stalls around the main foyer, selling cookies mainly, but nothing much else to talk about.

The main foyer seemed to have been taken over by wauA big one hanging from the ceiling

The area around Bukit Bintang and the fountain was still buzzing at that hour. There were plenty of foreigners, quite sizeable from the Middle East. And the traffic was still packed even close to 10 pm.

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