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No Water

The water shortage fever had finally hit us at Gombak. We ran out of water this afternoon prompting a call from Anita earning me about it. But it was too much of hassle turning round to have a shower at the apartment before returning home with the traffic jam and all.

And with the water shortage, we had to have dinner outside as well. Double hassle on a school night. That meant picking the boys up from their Quran class and drive out to get food. By the time dinner was done, it would be 9 already. And we would pray then that the water would be back so that I can have a shower.

Well, we were still out since the boys didn't touch their food at the restaurant earlier - the food was bad. We were now waiting for pizza, in the car waiting for the order. I was sure I would head straight to bed once I was done with the shower ....

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