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At the Suite!

Yes, I get to see the new suite at ParkCity. Nice and neat, but no windows! Oh no! I'm not talking about the Microsoft kind here. The furniture and equipments were all brand new of course. Nice comfy chairs and sofa outside the door of my suite.

The room have an examination table right next to it - the ones in Subang had separate compartment. I also noticed that my clinic assistant would be stationed away from my door. Not a problem but something I needed to get used to. I was still yet to be issued password for my desktop and the WiFi network. The phone signal is reasonable - HSPA on my DiGi but Edge most of the time on the Celcom network.

There was also a direct ramp to the outpatient clinics straight to the car park. Which is good. No cafe as yet opened at the hospital. That would come a bit later.

Getting to know the route a bit better but was caught at Subway due to traffic. Would have to find another way to get out of Subang from now on. But once I got onto the LDP, it was smooth going, apart from a couple of long waits at the traffic lights once I enter Bandar Manjalara.

Settled down, got some paperwork sorted out. I would be opening proper only next Monday, so no patients yet.

Now on to the next challenge. How to I get to Bangsar in time for lunch? ......

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