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It's Doable

The day off on Thursday for Maulidur Rasul came at just the right moment during this rather hectic week. I have finally started formally at ParkCity doing my couple on times a week clinic there. And yesterday, I tried to see if the arrangements worked out.

I was on call on Tuesday. A rather busy one and only managed about 4 hours sleep. I then started the ward round at just after 7, managing to get through all the patients by 9.30, in time to get a cup of coffee for the drive across to ParkCity.

I arrived there in time, but could've been sooner if the traffic - the expansion of Federal Highway at the Subang interchange proving to be a bottle-neck - was kinder. I still managed to get there though. There, I did some paperwork, while enjoying more coffee. There were no patients as yet at he new place. The insurance and panel patients were yet to be approved at the center, so we would have to rely on paying walk-ins for the first few months. And with the busy schedule in Subang, the quiet morning seemed a welcome distraction.

When I was just about to sit down at the clinic, the phone rang with an offer to go to lunch. Why not? A quick stop at BSC en route back to Subang seemed like a great idea. And I still managed to get to Subang in time for the afternoon clinic, although I had to start late since there were patient I needed to review in the ward as soon as I got there.

So, the conclusion was, it was doable to head to ParkCity post-call mornings. I would be on call again next Tuesday. So, the same routine would be repeated ..... Let's see if I could make it in one piece .....

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