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Bright Start

I was treated to a gorgeous sunrise this morning. And with only afternoon clinic, I decided to just sit back after shower enjoying the glorious light.

It looked to be a light day today with a quick ward round in the morning following which I planned to get back to the apartment to do some reading. This will take me to the afternoon clinic which I hope not going to be too busy.

Today will be topped off with the Oncology Team Berbuka at the hospital cafe after work. It was becoming a tradition and now just me and Matin Mellor being the patrons after the passing of Arwah Ahmad Kamal a few years back.

I could not help but picture his smiling face still every time we have such gathering. I was sure he would be remembered again this evening ...

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More New Lights

Anita was determined to make the balcony even more cosy than it already has. Her latest addition was a string of colourful lights, powered by AA batteries making them readily portable.

She only bought a single strand to try it out but I was pretty sure there would be more coming. They look so amazingly cool. It would look great come festive season.

Hopefully they are as waterproof as they claim to be as they would be soaked exposed to the elements out there. Let's her a few more ...

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Unplanned Party

The best parties were often the unplanned ones. The spontaneous ones. Well, Rabat as what happened when we wanted to celebrate Irfan turning 12. Initially there was no party. Then maybe it would be a quiet family dinner.

The weather was certainly inviting ...Uncle Razak getting the cakes readyWaiting for the visitorsThat expanded to his cousins and my Mum. Irfan then suggested we have a small get together with his old classmates from Sri Utama. Just the boys.

A slew of SMS and texts flew. The girls wanted to join. Or at least their parents. They wanted to come over as they haven't met Anita for a while since Irfan changed school.

Getting the tools readyHappy Birthday IrfanThe friends were here ...Before we knew it, it was a semi-proper party. With me being on call that day, everything were just ad hoc. But it turned out great. The friends had a great time and the apartment was turned upside down in the end.

The cakes were outThe found their spotA great day ...

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It had been a While

The last time I went to the gym must've been before Ramadan last year. I had been slacking even though the gym was just a lift ride away.

I was early to get back home this afternoon and decided rather than go out, I hit the gym instead. I only lasted half an hour - which what I planned twice a week from now on. And now I was suffering.

My whole body ached. Especially my thighs. Now I had to do this more often and then build my stamina for a bit of a run in the future. Knees seemed to be holding which was great. Twice a week. Promise.

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Cleaning Up

Finally, it looked like the discharge day was upon us. Dad is doing very well since the transfer out from Intensive Care and had been talking about discharge all afternoon.

The Doctors were happy enough to allow home but he would still need plenty of rest and he had to take antibiotics for another few days to make sure that the infection did not return.

He will be at the apartment for the next few weeks while he recovers and the maids had been busy cleaning our place in anticipation of Dad coming home. He looked pretty alert and strong the last time I checked. I was sure he would be fine once he settled in.

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