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U-Cafe Wangsa Walk

Anita and her friends had been harping about it for the last month or so. During one of their get together, the had tea at U-Cafe at Wangsa Walk Mall in Wangsa Maju. It was a revelation to them. And after having a sample of the place yesterday evening, I couldn't agree more.

It was a simple cafe which was built as an annex at the the main entrance to the mall. You couldn't miss it if you enter from the main car park although the sign to the restaurant was rather obscured. Once you were in, you would've to negotiate a flight of stairs onto the main deck, but the place was secluded and cosy.
With a nice jazz music in the background, I studied the menu. It was fusion food, Oriental meets the West. I soon settled into a seafood platter, salad to share with Anita and Nasi Ayam for my main. I couldn't fault any of them, although the portion for my rice was on the small side, even for me.

I had some mint lychee for drinks, and it was a real thirst quencher. The salad was heavenly, fresh and topped with some form of cheese dressing. The seafood platter was Anita's favourite, serving sample of skewered prawns, soft-shell crabs and squids. It was also the most expensive order on the table.

The seafood platterMy sumptuous RM10.90 nasi ayamAll done!For RM10.90, the Chicken Rice was definitely well worth the order. And I could've had a couple of them with the small portion and all. The price was very reasonable.

Highly recommended. I would like to sample other sites in their on my next visit. Make sure you look for signs for U-Cafe the next time you visit Wangsa Walk Mall .....

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