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After the Walk

It turned out to be a nice day weather wise and the wall went on without a hitch. I started my day as planned with an early ward round. I was driving back towards the city by 8.15, and parked at KLCC. Took the LRT and Monorel towards Chiw Kit, and made it to the starting point well before we set off.

Around 60 photographers turned up. There was even a family - Mum, Dad, Daughter and Son - who came. Got to meet friends old and new. Quite a gathering. And the trend now was towards smaller gears and smartphones. Of course there were the D3s and 5D Mark IIs. But there were not as many as before.

Some of them ordered breakfast but it was clear the restaurant couldn't cope with our orders.

As usual, we did the obligatory group photograph at the starting point. The route this year was from Chow Kit Monorel station, setting into the chow Kit wet market, exit on the opposite side and walk towards Maju Junction and Masjid India.

Then we would congregated at the end at Masjid Jamek where we would have lunch.

Tea when I reached homeI ended up eating long the way. How could I resist, there was Restoran Kudu along the way. And the stores along the way .... I was full by the time I reached the destination. That didn't stop me ordering more drinks afterwards.

It was a great day out. I snapped over 300 frames which explained why my battery was almost dead. Took the LRT back to KLCC, and I was home by 4. Tired, I actually took a nap before uploading the photos into the computer. Hmmm .... Post-processing fever coming tonight ......

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