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Happy New Year

It had been a full day of running around today and I hardly had the to reflect on the last year and my plans and aspiration for the coming year.

I had achieved a lot in the last year in terms of personal goals, but there were still a lot to strive for. By this time next year, I wished that I could strike a better balance between personal and working live.

New path in my career had certainly caused a fair share of grieve for me as I had always value the time with my family. Oftentimes, there were tremendous pressure on my time and I wished that I could strike a better and a more meaningful balance between the two.

The second target would be to take better care of myself physically and health wise. I wanted to eat healthier and hopefully spent less time on the road commuting. That would include the plan to move to Bangsar some time in the new year. I could also do with a bit more physical exercise rather than tearing my hair out in the traffic jam.

Yes, my goals were personal and one could argue rather selfish. But I always feel that you must always plan for yourself and your family first before anything else. I was just not that ambitious. It may be perceived as a weakness but as usual, I always make plans. Whether I managed to follow it through was just another matter.

So, to all my Muslim brothers and sisters, a Happy New Year. Maal Hijrah, just in case somebody wanted to give me grieve like they did in Facebook earlier. Maybe in the coming year, I should plan to make sure my fellow Malaysians would try to differentiate what's Islam and what's Arab culture. The line seemed to be blurred lately ....

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