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Post Call Sunday

The call last weekend was a strange one. It was busy during the day but in the evening, things just chilled out. I was able to watch United's game at the lounge and had a decent uninterupted sleep.

The post- call day being Sunday also helped a lot. That allowed me to take my time doing the rounds and get on with my day. I happened to wake up early, and despite having to hop over to Ara Damansara to see a referral, I was done well before noon.

I took a quick nap during lunch time and soon got bored. The weather was pretty decent - it had been gloomy and cool in the past week - and decided not to stay in.

I first drove to APW where Riuh was going on. Had some coffee there before setting off to Bukit Bintang with my camera. Before I knew it, I was exploring the decorations and making enquiries on GoPro. All in a real nice pace. I even had the chance to have a look at iMac Pro at one the shops.

Anita prepared dinner that evening and asked me to get home early to eat. Kind road traffic allowed me to return in plenty of time. It certainly was a full afternoon ...

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Back to the Old Routine

After the time off and conference leave, it was now back to work proper. In the middle of a long weekend - Monday was a public holiday for the installation of the Agung - I was on call on the Sunday. I was at Julia's place with my Mum the day before and the day after the call of course.

Despite being a long weekend, the call was surprisingly busy. Managed some sleep though as well as the first half of the United match. By the time I was ready to go to bed, the Barca - Real match kicked off. I was too tired to watch though.

At least I had Monday to rest before starting the week. Another long weekend coming right ahead but I had another call later in the week.

I was also scheduled to be in Singapore for a meeting next week, before returning to give a couple of talks the weekend after ...

It was always good to get back into the swing of things.

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A Night In

Finally done with my 3 calls in a week. Time to look forward to some rest and a spot of traveling.

The shift today ended longer than expected having to drive across town to Park City for a referral. By the time I was done, with the traffic jam and all, it was already late afternoon. Anita had been out with her friends to watch the movie all afternoon. I had the apartment to myself.

Done with some paperwork as well as going through some thesis to assess. Caught up with news - with the US threatening to go to war. Wrote this entry, and hopefully it would be time for bed soon ...

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Lining Them Up

So, my crazy stretch of calls were finally done. Looking forward for a few days off during the Thaipusam period. Might be doing some photography during that period if I have a partner. Alternatively, Anita might have an idea or two about a day out.

For this weekend, I would be catching up on some TV and paperwork. Hoping to get some proper sleep as well somewhere.

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Another Stretch

They don’t come in easy and I was greeted with the start of my stretch of calls this morning with a referral of all referrals. A dengue patient in shock!

Straight to ICU. And into the scheme of things.

For the coming weeks, I would be at it again. Something like 5 calls in 2 plus weeks. And I planned to take a few days off right around Thaipusam - which happened to be on Irfan’s birthday! Some relief time planned ahead.

But in the meantime, it would be back to the mean calls .... Bring it on!!!!!

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