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A Long 12 Hours

I was due to be on call yesterday but one of my colleague was nice enough to cover me for the day. And the reason why I had to leave halfway through my call you may ask?

I received a phone call from my Dad right around 4.30 yesterday afternoon. Both my Dad and Mum was at the sura, just finishing off a Thursday afternoon class, and was about to perform their Asar prayer. While waiting for the Imam, my Mum suddenly felt unwell and decided to go ahead for the prayers before the crowd started. And by the time she finished, she had a crushing pain in her chest, and she had to lie down. Sweat started pouring from her, and she felt breathless.

Unable to do anything as I was across town, I asked my Dad to bring her to the nearest hospital, which happened to be Ampang Puteri. En route, they stop by a GP friend who found that my Mum was dropping her blood pressure and a quick ECG showed something was wrong with her heart. She was rushed through to Ampang Puteri. Anita was already waiting for her at the ER.

A repeat ECG confirmed a heart event and she was moved to ICU to stabilise her. The Cardiologist soon arrived.

I was just sorting out my admissions and ready to.keave when the Cardiologist rang me up. As my Mum was brought early to the hospital, we decided to go for an urgent angiography and try to open up the vessel causing the blockage with a balloon.

That was done and we found a major blockage to her main blood vessel. A stent was then put in.

She would be spending the next couple of nights at least under close observation. She was tired by the time all that was done and it was close to 11 o'clock when we finally left. We then had a quick dinner with Dad and my sister.

But that wasn't the end. Anita woke up at around 1.30 with a stomach pain. Shortly she felt dizzy and the pain then became unbeatable. We then rushed her to Subang, and she is currently being admitted for observation. She needed a couple of rounds of painkiller before she finally slept in the ward.

I was about to leave her when I drafted this entry. My Mum's maid would be staying with her while I head home to have some sleep. It's going to be a long day tomorrow......

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