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The Morning After

The first order of business for the day was to drop by Ampang Puteri to check in my Mum. Alhamdulillah the vessel had opened up nicely and the ECG looks much better although still her blood pressure was a bit in the low side with the occasional abnormal heart rhythm. But this was expected after what happened to her yesterday afternoon. And she was back to her old self, talking and chatting away.

Julia told her about what happened to Anita and she kept asking about her daughter-in-law. Told her about what happened and that we would be waiting to see what the scan showed.

After half and hour or so, the Cardiologist dropped by and was happy with Mum's progress. He was already making plans about home. But not after spending another night at the ICU from the looks of things.

So, off to Subang next. Anita was due to have a CT scan later that morning. This more or less pointed towards appendicitis. One of my Surgeon colleague then dropped by and would schedule Anita to have the surgery later in the day. We were still waiting for the confirmation while I escaped to have a quick lunch next door. The boys were with Anita at the moment, causing havoc of course. Anita insisted on seeing her boys before going for surgery.

Will keep all updated with the progress later.

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