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More Pills

So, Mum was at IJN earlier accompanied by Julia and Anita. Both of them finally learned the full extent of the problem that my Mum had following the heart attack. They were terrified. But at least we managed to minimise the damage, and Alhamdulillah she was doing a lot better now.

But there were changes needed from now on. Mum has to watch what she ate, as well as make sure that she takes her medications on time. And oh boy, dis she have plenty to take. From what I gathered, her tablet load had increased since this morning visit. I would be on hand to sort the tablets out later on......

As for me, I had a late lunch since one of my patient turned up very late. While waiting, I helped myself to a different kind of tablet.

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Happy Saturday

Brought the boys to meet their Grandmother for the first time since she was taken ill. And brounght dinner as well, as my Aunt could do with a rest. Anita I thought over eaten and ended up bloated. The food ess just too good.

Not sure how long my Aunt wanted to stay. She was thinking of heading back to Sungai Petani yesterday, but we managed to persuade her otherwise. After all, a cousin if hers would be having a kenduri for her son's wedding tomorrow. So, she might as well stay for that. And Anita also wanted to go to the wedding even though she was still struggling with stairs.

And I now found myself having another responsibility. Making sure that my Mum has enough pills. I was going through her tablets yesterday and put then into compartments to make sure that she gets the right ones at the right times. Don't want her stent ringer blocked surely.

I have a couple of days off - although I would still be doing my morning rounds. That should give me some time to chill down I supposed. I should have a free afternoon today and was keen to check on some exhibition at KLCC. Let's see if I could make the time.

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Mum's Follow-up

Anita's follow-up was put forward to yesterday. So, the main order to business today would be taking ny Mum for her follow-up at Ampang Puteri. She had had her blood checked, and was now waiting for the Doctor to arrive. She was otherwise feeling well, and it was hard to believe that only last week, she was in ICU having had a huge heart attack.

Alhamdulillah, there was no pain anymore. In fact, we kept telling her to slow down. Her diet? What diet?

She would need to be on regular medications from now on, and may need further referral to IJN in the future.

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Bugging Out

Right after the afternoon round was done, I packed up in double quick time and left the hospital. Got home before 6. Anita was well. The boys were already settled in, with Irfan actually fallen asleep right after reaching home from school. He was still asleep when I arrived.

After shower, I went to my Mum's place to check on her. She was doing very well as well. Her appetite was back, and u just couldn't resist my Aunt's cooking. I stayed on for dinner.

It was just after Maghrib now, and after the meal, I was really sleepy. Better get back home then......

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End of the Week

It had been a long one. And Alhamdulillah it had a happy ending thus far. Both my Mum and Anita were now back home and I spent the whole afternoon at the apartment sorting out the work left undone from earlier in the week.

So, I was catching up on the food department. While I was camping at the hotel, I only had mamak food. Now that both were already home and my Aunt from Sungai Petani was in town, I couldn't resist her cooking. So, today it was both lunch and dinner at my Mum's place today. Come to think of it I also had breakfast here on the way to ward round this morning actually. The full monty.

So, better enjoy the food while I can since I would be on call tomorrow.

Looking at my schedule, I would probably can my clinic next Friday as both my Mum and Anita would be having their follow-up. It would also give me some down time to recover from this week. I could do with a rest actually.....

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