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Rehab Starts

I managed to actually get about 5 hours of continuous sleep before being woken hobby a phone call asking if paracetamol could be served to one of my inpatient. Felt refreshed when I woke up, and hopefully both of the important women in my life would be feeling as good as I would at the moment.

I don't be able to visit my Mum until I sorted out my morning situation, with clinics, ward rounds and Anita in the ward. I would be heading to see her as soon as I finished with Subang. She might start be mobilised today, and hopefully it won't be long before she's discharged.

There would need to be some modification at her place in Bukit Antarabangsa as I wasn't very keen about her tolerating stairs in her current state. I maybe have to bring down one if the bed down. I got her the bed when she had her operations in 2008. We would put that by the living room, so that it would be easy for visitors to come and see her.

So, plenty to be done today, but at least it was less of the feeling of worry, concern and anxiety that I had to carry with me before this. InsyaAllah, things would het better.

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