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Off for Shopping 

After I settled in for the morning lecture, my colleague contacted me. They planned to head out of town to a retail park doing some retailing themselves. I just tagged along.

The place we went to was called Fox Town. Don't ask me how they coined the name of the place. There were hardly any foxes in the place. Getting there was rather tricky as well. A bus ride to the train station and taking a regional train five stops away. And then a walk in bright sunlight onto the shopping mall about 15 minutes away.

Setting off by the famous Swiss train serviceThe journey took a total of 5 stopsFinally thereNow, where to go first?Exhausted, we went straight to have lunch before the assault to the shops begin. For me, I didn't buy much. Just some chocolates and clothes for my children. The branded stuff were way too expensive despite the discounts and tax-free offer. I gave it a miss, since we planned to do a bit more shipping tomorrow in Milan. Hopefully the stuff there would be cheaper.

This didn't stop my colleagues buying though. Saying that, a few items caught ny fancy. The Ferragamo ties for example. Much cheaper than in KL and the selection was very good for a retail outlet. The Burberry shop wasn't that bad either although the stuffs there were still too expensive.

To be honest, I was quite disappointed when I arrived at the place as I was expecting much more. One if my colleague said that during a previous trip to Milan, his group organised a special trip to the retail park. He didn't buy much then either.

Let's wait until tomorrow then ......

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