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The Haze

The haze had definitely cause my eyes to itch. My throat also felt strange since I arrived at ParkCity. The stench was something else.

I then got a phone call from Anita. The dust particles had already entered our house and Idlan had been coughing. We had to restart him on Ventolin as a precaution. But, generally speaking the situation in Kelang Valley was getting worst. A quick glance out my apartment definitely looked worrying. I shudder with the thought of this was going to get worst before it started to settle.

Anita was asking if we would be better off staying at the apartment. I didn't think it would make much if a difference. The stench could be smelt even at the apartment. The only remedy at the moment would be to wear masks in the open, and to.make sure that I'm not dehydrated. My throat was definitely getting more irritated.

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