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Birthday Lunch

Her birthday was tomorrow, but today being Sunday, seemed like a good idea to celebrate it now. So, my brother took us out for lunch at Sagano, Renaissance. Haven't been there for quite some time, but the Japanese buffet spread there was quite decent. The restaurant being on the quiet side with a nice ambiance helped.

My in-laws also came. We had a pleasant lunch although I joined up late as I had a long ward round this morning, having to go across to Ara Damansara to see a referral as well.

They were close to having dessert by the time I finally made it across town. But the place was still relatively empty and the sashimi platter was still full. I never looked back ....

Was the place really that good?

There, Idlan especially rediscover his love for all things teriyaki and promptly ate a full meal. He could hardly walk after that and we decided to have coffee at the front lobby before heading home.

After 45 minutes of sitting, Idlan then ordered a couple of macaroons. Oh boy! His energy level recharged full of sugar and he just couldn't sit still. It soone started to rain, which further delayed our departure. More excuse to just sit around and order another cup of mocha.

Time to hang around at the lobbyIdlan was full!I had to finish his macaroonsIt was almost 4 in the afternoon when we finally made it home.

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