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Hipster Walk

I finished my afternoon round early yesterday - I don't have afternoon clinics on Tuesdays - and left the hospital early. There were people doing some repairs at the apartment with my maid keeping an eye on things.

I decided to go do some errands and take my camera out as well.

Of all places, I ended up at Pavilion and Low Yat. And there were plenty of people there. But contrast that to weekends, there were not many hipsters and teenagers carrying their oversized DSLR round the place. It was just me....

And the weather was great. Great until ingot a phone call to return to the hospital for an emergency admission.

But I had a couple of hours to burn. Coffee and ice cream at the cafe, and just going around Low Yat checking what was new.

You could tell that there was nothing much going on when the main foyer at Low Yat was showcasing beddings. I knew this was Chinese New Year and all, but this ain't no Parkson! What wer were they thinking?

No new gadget to have a look at, just old stuff. The camera lens I wanted to buy was still not in stock. I spent the rest of the afternoon walking around Bukit Bintang instead.

Still trying to figure out who's idea it was to turn Low Yat into a bedding store ....The traffic back to Subang was surprisingly reasonable with the traffic police doing their job making sure the flow was good. Took me around 30 minutes to get from Pavilion to SJMC. Hmmm.... I must do this again!

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