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Berjaya Times Square

The last time I was at Times Square was when I just returned from Atlantic and needed a new Micro SIM card for my Nexus 4. I went to the DiGi store as it was one of their flagships. I haven't been back there ever since.

It was CNY eve, and there were plenty of people and some of the shops were winding down for an early closure. Surprisingly, I found that more shops were opened there compared to 2009 when I came to visit the indoor playground rides. It was going through a period of transformation then and a lot of the shops there were unoccupied.

I also remembered the nightmare of finding a car park spot here. Luckily, I parked at Pavilion and walked here.

I didn't realise how huge the place was. Almost 11 stories of shops, an Imax cinema, indoor theme park. There was also areas for bazaars and small stalls lining the corridors. One of them was called Central Park which looked neat from the upper floors.

I must admit that the place appeared gloomy at the upper levels - some seedy-looking shops there, but the lower floors looked full of live.

I spent the afternoon trying out my camera and the dizzying rows of escalators caught my attention. It could've been mistaken to a grand hotel rather than a shopping mall instead - yes, there was a hotel on one of the wings.

The theme park however looked to be run down and some of the rides looked to be permanently closed. One whole wing looked to be covered - I really didn't know what was going in there. Even the famous indoor roller coaster seemed to be on hiatus.

All in all, the place could do with a makeover of some sort. It was at a risk of doing a slow death....

Slideshow of the outing here.

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