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Tokyo Street 2014

I used to feel the charm of the place in the previous visits. It was after all something quite different. Nice selection of Japanese food, great café and just chic ambience.

That was a couple of years ago. Moving on, there seemed the much of the same. Same shops and the quality of the outlets had pretty much deteriorated. A couple of new restaurants but they were non-halal.

I didn't mind the non-halal issue, but I would've preceded it to be segregated clearly. Had a separate wing where one could go and enjoy such food. Building the outlets together at one area just create confusion and for me suspicion as I couldn't trust the whole area to be halal as such.

That to a certain extend had put me off having meals there. I still loved the café but the numbers were dwindling. We were down to one at the minute withbanither Japanese-themed café located at the central walkway of level 6.

Down to the bottom line, Tokyo Street should be a themed outlet and should run around on that novelty, as an attraction of all things Japanese. There were promotions going on all the time but they were located outside the main area. Something of an afterthought and it was always business as usual for the vendors inside as if they were separate from the effort of the promoters of the event going on elsewhere. Things felt detached and disorganized.

I felt that those running Tokyo Street should look into this and tow all the vendors to be in line. When there were promotions going on, everybody should be involved. That was clearly not happening yesterday when I visited the place. Without this effort, Tokyo Street would lose its charm and turn into any other themed street stalls. And you could get that in Chow Kit...

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