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Walk in the Haze

It was time for my afternoon photo walk but shane that it had to be in the haze this time around. It wasn't as bad as earlier in the week, but it was pretty obvious nearing sun down. The smell was also there.

The children stayed in as expected playing their PC. I didn't want to bring them out in the haze anyhow. So, it was me and Puan Anita in the end, enjoying a stroll and a bit of shopping. While she shopped, I ventures on towards Low Yat just soaking in what was on show.

Nothing new. I wanted to have a look at the new Panasonic GM1, the compact camera. Smaller than the Sony RX100 but with a bigger sensor. A truly pocketable which I had been looking for. But event conspired against me.

I also dropped by Parkamaya for a quick look. My cousin launched a clothing outlet there earlier in the day, but I was late to the launch. I just dropped by to say hi and wished them good luck.

The theme at Pavilion today was World Women's Day. But there were not much in terms of organised event going on. The central foyer was filled with handbags - not sure but that may be a celebration in itself. But what ever happiness and joy today was hampered by the news of the missing #MH370. The authorities were still trying thieve together what exactly went on. And the natives, both local and abroad were vetoing restless. Speculations afloat at the minute and my thoughts were with the family members as hope were fading.

I will blog about Tokyo Street later as the place seemed shave lost its charm as far as I was concerned.

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