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Winding Down

Another week before Raya and my clinic was getting less busy - I hope. There was no patient at Park City this morning, allowing me to browse the net and just basically chill for a couple of hours. Plenty of article needed perusing, and that was what I just did. Time for another blog entry as well.

Anita and the boys would be joining me at the apartment before Berbuka today hopefully. We plan to do a bit of decorating at Idlan's room. A bit of shuffling and all that. We also decided to trade rooms as I thought his room may be a bit too small for him in the long run. I also really like his room as a small studio. Nice view of the traffic coming down Bukit Pantai as well.

Even the corridor was eerie ...I still have a full clinic today and tomorrow, but hopefully as we get nearer to Raya, the clinic would also be less busy. Certainly the number of dengue cases were becoming more manageable after some hectic period of last three to four months.

Really looking forward for a bit of a break after what had been a busy six months. Will be in Penang also as planned after celebrating Raya in KL. Now that my reading was almost done, I would just be heading back to the apartment to catch the news I guess. Happy days .....

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