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Out Alone

With Puan Anita rather poorly, we did not plan anything for the boys today. Typically Saturday was our day of outing, to the park for the very least. Idlan has also caught the cough, and he started wheezing this morning. Off we went to the GP. Both of them - Anita and Idlan - were on antibiotics now.

So, I was left to my own devices for the afternoon, and off I went to Sungai Wang to pay in my credit card bills and took a stroll after that. Managed to stop by to order the DVDs only to learn that there was a raid going on right after. Luckily, there were no drama, but it meant picking up the disc an hour late. Enough excuse to head to Low Yat.

There were a couple of lion dance performances this being still the Lunar New Year and all, but not much special offer going on. The camera I was looking for was still not released yet - the Fuji X100. I spent some time looking for a monitor as I plan to equip my iMac with a second monitor. A quick late lunch at KFC and I was in my way home. If the weather hold, I might take my 7D for a spin!

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CNY at Pavilion

For the current Chinese New Year festivities, I did not have much chance to take my camera out for a spin. The only chance I had was on the Federal Territory day when I managed a 30 minutes walk-about around Pavilion.

True to the rabbit theme, there were rabbits everywhere as well as the obligatory tanglungs. The main foyer was well decked out, reds lantern everywhere. There was also drums which visitors were free to try at the main entrance. No dragon dance that day unfortunately.

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Fahrenheit 88

I had the chance to visit this new mall in town. I shouldn't said new since I am sure it was only a facelift. It was situated opposite Pavilion, next to Starhill. For the last year or so, with the renovations going on, I was quite curious about what will be on offer. One of the anchor tenant, Uniqlo has yet to open, so understandably the opening of the mall was best described as a soft launch. The place I meant was was Fehrenheit 88.

I was not sure where the name come from but the number 88 was very likely from the lot number of the building. The facade appeared simple and small but once you get inside, the place was surprisingly spacious. It opened up into a 5-story mall, with the top floor housing an IT center, maybe a bit more upmarket than the ones I was used to 10 minutes away at Low Yat. Only 60% of the shops were opened. There were nothing special so far however.

Coming across from PavilionThe main foyer being occupied by a computer game contestA still subdued interior

I must say the shops across the road at Pavilion were much more exclusive. What was striking were the number of shops selling ornaments and ladies accessories. They were everywhere. None o the IT shops were opened. The foyer on the day were occupied by a computer promotion by Alienware. They were hosting a LAN game tournament. Pretty packed. There were then the usual pharmacy, bookshops, kopitiams, banks. Nothing to shout about until maybe Uniqlo comes into town. So watch this space.


Walk around Bukit Bintang

During my couple of days off, I decided to have a quick walk around Bukit Bintang area and of course Low Yat. Took my camera around, but unfortunately, I couldn’t get that many snaps because it started to rain. Thought I’d share some of the snaps. I needed to familiarise the settings in time for the upcoming photowalk you see …. Or at least that was what my excuse was.

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Tried to Leave Early

Was on call yesterday. Managed to get home for Berbuka, then came back to UMMC for my evening rounds. Luckily, the bed situation was reasonable. We did not have to struggle too much except from the usual difficult cases. I reached home at around midnight.

The queue at the DUKE toll plazaWas rather late getting up this morning after a heavy sahur. Sorted out my referrals in the morning as I will be tied up in the afternoon. We had our two-monthly 'Transplant Meeting', followed by the Medical Department Meeting. This will be the last for Prof Wan Azman as he is stepping down from the end of the month. The meeting finished just after 4.30, and I went straight home, thinking that I will be early enough to escape the traffic.

Unfortunately the traffic has started building up. However, I still managed to reach home, have a shower, then went to Pasar Ramadhan. After Berbuka, I went out to Bukit Bintang to pay up my credit card bills at branch of UOB there. The crowd was quite heavy, and surprisingly, the majority was from the Middle East. I would have thought they like to stay back during Ramadhan since there are feast almost every night. Sorted out my bill, and felt peckish. Had coffee at Starbucks, then some ice-cream, and before I know it, it was already 9.30. Time to head home. In the meantime, I managed to do some window shopping as Anita's birthday in coming up on 9/9/9. Better get something good for her.

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