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Flowers of Frasers

The nice cool mountain air and plenty of sunshine and rain certainly made Frasers Hill a heaven for flowers. Even the whole shrubs thrived here.

Around the Smokehouse, there used to be plenty of flowers in the garden. There weren't many this time around and I decided to explore the town for more.


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Hemmant Trail

*I took this trek back in September 2016 during our holiday at Fraser's Hill*

I went on this trail alone as Anita decided to stay in bed. In was on our final morning in Frasers Hill, and set out before breakfast.

The entrance to the trail was very near Bishop's although it went to the opposite direction. It skirted around the golf course, taking you towards the town center by the mosque as you exit.

I parked my car at one of the shop lots, had some roti canai and teh tarik before making my way around the hill past the entrance to the Bishop's Trail. I then entered the Hemmant trek which were flat for the first half. A really nice relaxing walk before a steep descent towards a valley before going up again towards the exit.

Less challenging compared to Bishop's and much safer as well. Thisnmaybbe good for the beginners, and those with big children. There were hand rails a plenty to help you.

I then exited near the town center, hung around for more photos before climbing up the hill to where my car was parked. All covered within 45 minutes...

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Allan's Water

*This entry was originally written in September 2016*

This place was closed for renovations when we were here last December and it had am certainly received an uplift. There were new facilities built and the place looked spruced up compared to the last time we were there in 2012. It was basically a reservoir on top nod the hill which stored fresh water for the town. It was big enough for water activities and located about 10 minutes up hill from the town center.

We spend about 30 minutes hanging around there, feeding the fish and enjoying the fresh mountain air.

There were kayaks and pedal board for those interested as well as bumper balls as well. But Anita didn't approve of those...

Next to the lake was a small potting farm, which sold vegetables and flowers. Spend another few minutes there, taking photos of the nice flowers on display. The strawberries were off season when we visit and in was sure that would be a future attraction.

Nice time to spend the late afternoon before heading into town for early dinner. There was also a small tuck shop there for drinks and snack.

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Flying over The Clocktower

*This entry was written during my trip to Fraser's Hill in Sept 2016*

I finally got my wish. After the morning trip into town was fogged over, I was happy that the clouds parted when I went there again - with Anita this time after our trekking at Bishop's Trail.

From another angle looking towards Puncak InnTurning towards the Post OfficeWatching from the top of Puncak InnOff came the drone and I managed to fly around the clock tower, Puncak Inn, down towards the main road leading up into town as well as the golf course. Then came the warning that I was running out of memory space.

Straight from the topPanning towards the way to SmokehouseBut that was after I managed to hover around the famous clock tower a few times. With the sun coming out and plenty of people mingling about, it was quite a spectacle. Good times.

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Bishop's Trail

*I was on the this trail back in September 2016*

Anita had been nagging me to taken her on a hiking trail when we were at Frasers Hill. I wasn't confident that she could make it judging from our times in England when I used to do a lot of walking around the Yorkshire Dales in the early summer mornings. She always refused to get up.

But clearly she was excited this time around.

This marked the entrance, but you can enter from the opposite side as wellThen a sharp drop ....Best to follow the instructions ....

It was just after breakfast and she was up and ready. Off we went.

The Bishop's Trail was 1.7km long with a couple of slopes. It was an L-shaped route where you could walk back to the entrance via a normal road.

Apparently there were other trails interconnecting with Bishop, but that has since been closed ...The trek took us half an hour to complete with a couple of stops en route. Nothing much to see apart from greenery when you were in there although it might help if we had a pair of binocular with us. The place was famous for bird watching.

In could imagine that the trek could be slippery when it rained. Luckily there were plenty of hand railings and the steps were leveled up for better footing. Certainly the trail were safe for beginners. The signs were clear enough and there were plenty of people around using the trek at the same time from both directions.

This way. And that.Then it was a bit of a climb after the halfway point ...Some obstacle to negotiate ...Finally we were out ...I got my Fenix on me, so there were very little risk of getting lost.

I would certainly recommend this route to those visiting Frasers Hill. Slightly more challenging than the pedestrian Hemmant Trail and enough to get the juice flowing. Best to avoid after the brain though as footing may be tricky.

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