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Wedding at the Marina

Last weekend, Syahril invited us to attend his sister’s wedding. It was a two-day event, the Saturday being the akad nikah as well as aqiqah for his daughter, followed by a reception on the Sunday. I was stuck at work on the Saturday and was not able to go. However, we were able to join them for the reception.

The reception was held at a new restaurant at Marina Putrajaya called Bora Ombak. We were quite familiar with the Bora Ombak branch in Ampang, but this was the first time we were at the new outlet. It was a decent-sized hall, catered for wedding right at the marina offering a great vista of the beautiful surrounding.

Some advert for the place ...The pelamin"Forever starts today"Gamelan is readyBeing Putrajaya, access from KL was straight-forward and the venue offered ample parking. I had been there a few times - before the outlet was open - to fly my drone before.

The food was great and we got ourselves a great spot at one corner of the hall. Since we left the boys at home, we were able to enjoy the food and the occasion without worrying about them.

It was full houseSyahril making sure everything was in orderAnita also wanted to get her photos done at the boothThe happy couple cutting cakeSpeech from the father of the bride ....A great day out actually and the unique venue offered a new perspective. It was a hall best used for daytime event as the natural light coming through the large glass windows really spurred up the place.

The marina was located right next to Pullman Putrajaya, and Syahril and his family actually spent the evening there. Not a bad place to hold a reception actually .....

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Sunset Droning 

A few days had passed after my last flight. I decided to be a bit more adventurous. I took the drone out of town, enjoying a 30 minutes drive to Putrajaya.

I could not leave early since I had a meeting in town until almost 6, I had to rush across time to get to Putrajaya. Luckily the traffic was light and I had 30 minutes to spare before sunset.

The gorgeous Harriot-Watt University campusAt the opposite side of the lakeHeading back to the marina from the lakeI had a few choices when it came to the spot to take off from. For that afternoon, I decided to do it at Marina Putrajaya in the hope of catching the sunset.

I got what I wanted and managed to drone around exploring the marina, the nearby Lakeside Pullman Putrajaya as well as a smaller marina nearby which was hosting the floats for the upcoming Pesta Flora Putrajaya.

The Pullman Putrajaya located right next door to the marinaLooking down onto Marina PutrajayaYou can find me there somewhere ....And the sunset was great, despite the cloud cover at the horizon. I decided to use the 1080p resolution this time around rather than 4K since I was still getting familiarise with the drone. I concentrated more on aerial photography this time around after discovering how good the camera was. I felt confident to increase the range of the flight from then on ....

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