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Wedding at the Marina

Last weekend, Syahril invited us to attend his sister’s wedding. It was a two-day event, the Saturday being the akad nikah as well as aqiqah for his daughter, followed by a reception on the Sunday. I was stuck at work on the Saturday and was not able to go. However, we were able to join them for the reception.

The reception was held at a new restaurant at Marina Putrajaya called Bora Ombak. We were quite familiar with the Bora Ombak branch in Ampang, but this was the first time we were at the new outlet. It was a decent-sized hall, catered for wedding right at the marina offering a great vista of the beautiful surrounding.

Some advert for the place ...The pelamin"Forever starts today"Gamelan is readyBeing Putrajaya, access from KL was straight-forward and the venue offered ample parking. I had been there a few times - before the outlet was open - to fly my drone before.

The food was great and we got ourselves a great spot at one corner of the hall. Since we left the boys at home, we were able to enjoy the food and the occasion without worrying about them.

It was full houseSyahril making sure everything was in orderAnita also wanted to get her photos done at the boothThe happy couple cutting cakeSpeech from the father of the bride ....A great day out actually and the unique venue offered a new perspective. It was a hall best used for daytime event as the natural light coming through the large glass windows really spurred up the place.

The marina was located right next to Pullman Putrajaya, and Syahril and his family actually spent the evening there. Not a bad place to hold a reception actually .....

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The Ainuls Coming for Lunch

It's Malaysia Day, a public holiday. And it was a Friday which meant that there would be a long weekend up ahead. On call the next day though.

Anita getting things preparedThere were mooncakes of courseThey arrived just after noon and we went straight to the mosque before returning for lunch. Itul was already there when Syahril and I returned just in time for food.

And Anita cooked her delicious soto. It was a hit.

The table being setBegedil! Part of the condiments ...There were also some macaroniAnd we were off!We ended up watching a movie after lunch. Syahril and I had always been into military movie since in Med School. So, I bought “13th Hour”, the new Michael Bay movie about the Benghazi invitation.

By the time we were done, it was too late for the pool already and the Ainuls had a dinner plan that night.

Poppy on Syahril's lapOne on the PS4The others on the Wii UPoppy's toolbag!Great day though. Shame that I had to be on call the next day…

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Raya at Syahril's

It just wouldn't be Raya without hooking up with Syahril. They had moved since they had their baby and now living at a different part of Bangi. That also meant that we were able to wander around at his place a bit more casually as he used to stay at their parent's.

We went there on the second day of Raya since Anita wanted to have Yatt's laksa Johor. It did not disappoint. Of course there was also soda sirap bandung which was a hit. And I thought by the end I drank too much. Then came the movies and a chill out at his garden while waiting for sunset. Idlan got himself occupied chasing insects.

We spent a couple of hours there before getting back to settle at our apartment as we just moved back after Raya earlier in the afternoon. We had to do some groceries as well.

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Congrats Yat and Syahril 

My old housemate had been blessed with their fourth child - first daughter - yesterday, and conveniently it was at the hospital right next to the apartment. Both mother and daughter were doing handsomely well - although the same cannot be said about the Dad :)

Yat had some labour pains Sunday and came over to the labour ward, only to return after a couple of hours, but in the evening, her water broke and the contractions were coming thick and fast. A quick midnight dash to the hospital ensued.

Anita was waiting for them to call when they arrived but she fell asleep by the windows. We got the news that the epidural was already up the next morning, and after breakfast, Anita and myself joined Syahril for breakfast at the hospital.

Yat delivered just after lunch and we returned again to visit later in the evening. The baby was fast asleep, unliked Idlan and Irfan when they were born - incidentally at the same ward.

They would likely stay for another day at least, and will definitely visit them again after work today. After all it was only a 5 minutes walk next door.

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Great barbecue. Juicy lamb ribs. Need I elaborate? But the revelation of the day was this Korean salad which one of my friend, Amin prepared. It was simple but hardly plain simple. Strip of beef with some marinated sauce taken on a leaf of lettuce. Not exactly my idea of a snack, but it worked.

The ready of the barbecue was excellent as usual. Syahril was in top form. The marinated lamb ribs was heavenly.

Hey! The cakes almost gone!

We had a good long chat afterwards. Catching up really. A nice break from my busy work schedule lately. It ended with a spot of football with the kids, but my boys were hardly interested. Wuss!

Now, I need to find a way to burn all those calories...

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