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Merdeka this year fell on a Monday, meaning a nice extended weekend for everyone. I was on call last Friday, meaning I was able to use the couple of days to relax. But, that was not the only event taking place in town. Bersih 4.0 also took place, an event hoping to change the local political landscape for years to come. Or at least that was what we hoped for.

At least the event of the weekend went by without any unsavory incident except for this, and as usual both sides of the political divide would be claiming victory of sorts. But the truth of the matter is, it was somewhere in between and the dissatisfaction of the public on the ruling government was registered. The fallout however, would take time to be seen. And today, we were back to celebrate our Independence Day. And as long as both sides treat today as what it is, then there is hope for the Country.

Sehati Sejiwa

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The Congregation

No! I'm not talking about the scale of bersih here. But my sister and her children joined us for the weekend as we have a family wedding to attend later tonight. And it had been havoc so far.

They arrived just in time for lunch, and after that came the time to hit the supermarket fro some proper grub. I lost count on the amount of ice-cream that they bought. Suffice to say that my fridge is now full. And we probably would leave them at the apartment with the maid when we go out tonight. Otherwise we couldn't stay for long.

After the trip to the supermarket, everybody sat in front of the TV. The flipped the channel and settled on "The Conjuring". Yes, a horror movie! I suspect that all of them would be up all night tonight!

So, looking forward to a fun night tonight. Plus ManYoo would be playing at 11! Must make sure that Anita is not watching it. We drew the last time she did when we should've won!

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I now come over to Park City twice a month, much less than I used to do. Listening to the announcement that many of the main roads into the city would be closed for the Merdeka celebrations, I was worried about the traffic since this morning would be my drive across town to Park City.

Started my rounds really early, and managed to have breakfast before starting my drive. But it turned out that the traffic was light, and I only have one patient coming into clinic. And she would only be in by 11. Sounds like a morning at the lounge waiting.

Might just drop by at the apartment for lunch since one of our friend is having a check-up at the hospital right next door today.

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The National Day - Merdeka - will be next weekend. And with the current political scene, the celebration felt somewhat different.

Rather than lamenting in all this politics, I would rather take my camera out and start snapping photos. Last weekend I did just that and the plan was to capture the National Flag - Jalur Gemilang - in all its glory.

This weekend would be a long one, with being on call on Friday. I plan to stay in this weekend as there were street protests planned on Saturday and Sunday. The TV and social media would be interesting this weekend ...

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