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Moving to a New Interface

After 9 plus years at this old page, I have decided to make a bit of a departure. I will be keeping things clean and plain and the new Squarespace 7 site I have got would provide me with all that. This site will remain open and maintained as the legacy stuff I have here are far too precious. It chronicled my children growing up and through the 1000+ entries, I have built up my own diaries. Please click here or on the photo above to go to my new dedicated blog page

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Movers Were In

Anita certainly has had a busy day. She had to organise the transfer of some of the stuffs from Cemerlang House and parked some of the heavy furniture at the apartment. That took some doing and tonight it was finally done.

She was having some rest at the moment. Deservedly so. The main living area still pooled pretty bare as we left it so for the upcoming kenduri. We put the new and the old dining tables at the same corner while the corridors were almost filled.

Some of the old kitchen utensils and chinas were also brought over, now needing some cleaning. It had to be done this week as we would be away to Fraser's Hill Next week and our maid going on her Xmas break back home.

No rest again for Anita tomorrow while I would be on call.

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Sure was Messy

We left the boys to their own devices today wince we were out all day attending rumah terbuka and other things. When we arrived back home, the room turned into a right mess. The toys were strewn everywhere.

We got the boxes in to sort out their old toys since we planned to give some of them away she the time come for us to move on. Some of then we wanted to hand down to relatives and some we might want to keep for sentimental value.

Sorting them proved to be a challenge. So, it looked like we had to start from scratch again.

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Still Clearing 

It took a lot longer than initially planned, and the heavy rain outside made the decision if whether to stop or carry on a bit more straight forward. We carried on until the rain subsided, just in time for some food.

It looked that the maids would have to return next weekend, and Anita had to stock up on more boxes and bubble wrappings.

Bundles of clothes tucked awayAll in good shapeStacks of old giftsThis was from our wedding in 1997Counting the cost I was sure ....Now that most of the items had been nearly stacked into boxes, we had to plan the logistics of getting them either next door to my brother-in-kaw place for storage, to apartment or to be disposed of to charity or sold off. Car boot sale? Nah! Don't really fancy that ......

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Cleaning Cemerlang House

Puan Anita and the maid - I was on call being my excuse - spent the weekend clearing up our Taman Cemerlang stuff before the planned sale. And oh boy, did we have a lot of junk. I was there on Sunday lunch as some of the stuff may need selling, while some would be transfered later to our apartment.

It looked like we would be making a small fortune if we were to sell the old stuff. We even had plenty of our wedding present - from 1997 - which were still wrapped up in their original package. Then came the children stuffs, my old photography equipment - projectors, developing equipment and my old stack of slides which needed to be dispose of. So much junk!

There were three floors to clearFound Idlan's old walkerWe would be giving away the boys' old stuff to charity, but not before getting a proper lorry to transport them. Some of them we would pass to family members while some may be kept for momento.

The fridge, washing machine, TV and beds would be transported to the apartment in the coming weeks. We would need a lorry for that, and removal help.

Found stacks of old slidesThis was the mid to late 90s I thinkFound Irfan's old pramAnd our beloved 10-year-old DysonThen would come time to clean the house. Both inside and the surrounding landscape. The maid would have to work overtime .....

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