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Flying over Tugu

After the morning flight, my hands were itchy for another go. It turned out that the weather was kind. Time to head out again.

This time around, Anita came along. As it was already quite late - we were at our old classmate's place earlier - we decided to go somewhere near our place. It was an easy choice, Tugu Negara - The National Monument.

Climbing above the treesDirectly aboveI set up the take off point at the field by the ASEAN Monuments. I made a few passes over the Tugu before exploring the rest of the park pointing the camera towards town to capture the skyscape.

A quick peek into town ...The sun was almost down ....The sunset was not that pretty because of the heavy cloud cover though. Great going.

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A Nice Stroll

Sunday afternoon and I had myself some free time on my hands. The boys would be having exams tomorrow, so Anita would be occupied and I decided to get some errands done, pay my credit card bills and all.

But the weather was so warm, and I decided to hang around a bit at the mall looking at any good offers. Sure enough there were some mattress that Anita and I had been looking at going for 50% discount. That worked out well.

The entrance to PavilionEaster is around the cornerOpened top!Tokyo Street in PavilionA quick stopAnother thing I noticed was how hard Samsung was pushing the S7 at the malls as this was their opening weekend. Surprisingly there were still plenty of stock. No discounts offered, so no business. Anita wouldn't mind one I was sure. As for me, I still prefer my Nexus.

Two cups of creamy iced coffee later, it was time to head home. I was supposed to stop by Bangsar Village but Sunday afternoons were never a good time to stop there with the pasar malam going on. Best to give that a miss. A quiet evening looking like.

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Time for some Morning Snaps

There were not that many flowers this time around. Maybe it had something to do with this being December. But still there were a few blossoms to enjoy.

I spent the morning walking around the hotel compound and the road downhill from it. Just around the corner, there was a small playground and barbecue area which was opened to the public. The weather was very changeable. It was sunny one minute and cloudy the next. And with the breeze, you could feel the chill. Best to wear a jumper or a coat.

With the hotel having a renovation, there was not much attention being put on the garden. Hopefully the renovation would bring something good for the years to come.

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Exposure+6 Exhibition

I heard that one of my friend was organising an exhibition at the new Nikon Centre opposite Low Yat Plaza starting last weekend. I got curious and decided to have a look. I was in clinic during the opening event, so I made do with a quiet visit.

It was Monday but it was a public holiday for Thaipusam. The town was rather quiet despite the gorgeous sunny weather. The Nikon Centre itself was quiet when I entered, allowing me to have a look in peace.

The exhibit featured four photographers who mainly do the bulk of their work locally. Despite the venue, I doubt that all of them used Nikon.

The place itself was small but cosy. None of the staffs there bothered me when I walked by, especially since I had with me a camera - which was not a Nikon. The theme appeared open. But a couple of the exhibits worth commenting on. The first was a series by Wang Seok Mui. He was a third generation Chinese Malaysian and he along with cousins went to China in search of his ancestral village and the series of photos documented the journey. I felt that the narrative was still unfinished and it was something worth pursuing. The photos were simple but atmospheric, richly printed. Personally, it would have been better if the story was told in a more elaborate series of photos. Maybe in the years to come, there would be a closure to the storyline.

The second one was on the work by Fitri Jalil. He tried to explore the meaning and ultimately the distinction between being a Malay and Moslem in contemporary Malaysia.He had some good points but with only less than 10 prints on display, many "reading between the lines" were needed. He stopped short of going into the current elements of Arabinisation which seemed to be the rage nowadays.

On the whole, it was too short although sweet. Nothing earth shattering although the appeared to be more organised that the recent Guerrilla Exhibition at Avenue K. Would definitely be keen to see what Exposure+7 had to offer.

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Guerilla Photography Exhibition

After some issues with last year's edition, the Guerilla Photography Exhibition returned to Avenue K. It was on for a couple of weeks and would run for until this coming weekend. I had the opportunity to visit last Wednesday - it was Awal Muharram then.

Located on the third floor of the newly refurbished Avenue K, the place was quite tricky to find. Reading the Facebook postings on the event, I was expecting a big show. It turned out to be on a much smaller scale than I anticipated.

The show occupied the steps of a pavilion they had there - called the Spanish Steps. The photos were stuck on the the steps forming a cascade upwards. The content was fine but the curation I found problematic. It appeared to be a mishmash of photographers who just landed there and decided to stick their photos. SOme of them clearly with themes - angles of building corners, their cats etc - while others just put up a selection of their favourite snaps, with no back story to capture my attention. I could fine those on some Flickr feed if I wanted to.

And then came the actual printing. Again, there were a lack of standardisation. Some of the prints were excellent with great contrasts and vivid colours. Unfortunately that was not universal. I must say that one could come up with similar prints from their home printers. The size of the prints were also problematic. A3 seemed to be the biggest, if not A2 with a fat frame! The selection lacked punch.

There is a theme here ...And then there was one particular print which I found inappropriate. A photo of an Arabic phrase which is holy amongst Moslem, stuck to its spot at foot level ... an oversight from the organiser if I may say so personally.

I have to point out that putting this print at ankle level is a tad ..... inappropriate ...I support the effort but I felt for the exhibition to have any sort of impact in the future, it would need some serious thinking behind it. And this is sad since I knew some of the people organising the event. I wanted this exhibition to go on, but we need to get it done with a purpose! The venue was OK but maybe it needed better publicity as finding the place could be tricky! Good luck guys!

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