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Sunday Stroll

It was an unexpected free Sunday afternoon. I was meant to be on call, but due to a last minute swap, I was on call on Friday instead. And it was a busy one. It took me the whole morning to sort out the patients, and after taking Irfan out for his treat during lunch, I had the whole afternoon to myself.

So, I took a stroll to Low Yat to get myself more memory cards for the upcoming trip to Fraser's Hill. As expected, the place was full and traffic was bad. I instead parked at KLCC and took the covered walkway all the way to Pavilion. A nice relaxing stroll, stopping at a couple of cafe for snacks. It looked like Samsung was pushing the Galaxy S III as there we're promotions everywhere around Bukit Bintang. To e honest, I was not really sure if I could trust the dealers there as some of the unit I suspect were not for the local market. The warranty may not be honored.

Making my way across from KLCC to Pavilion and then Low YatArrived at the fountain and crossing acrossHALT!That is a curious one. Fried steak!Every road lead to Bukit BintangIn front of PavilionI guess they do this every Sunday afternoon maybe .....The Sandisk memory card at Low Yat was much cheaper than the one I bought in Bangsar the other day. For the same price, I got a faster unit instead. Other things I looked at was the new retina display MacBook Pro. There we units on display, but if you wanted to buy it, one had to put an order in as they were mostly about a couple of weeks away. Size-wise, it would be a drag to carry one around as I was so used to my 11-inch Mac Air.

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