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Wangsa Walk Mall

Wangsa Walk Mall had prospered in the last couple of years from an uncertain beginning. It was opened right after another mall nearby - a Jusco - at Keramat, and initially, it was not very popular. 
But, things had picked up since, to the detriment of Jusco. In fact, in the last couple of months, a fair few restaurant at the Jusco complex had closed, in keeping with the dwindling number of shoppers. Even Justin Beiber turned up at Wangsa Walk on his last trip to KL!
Shopping at Wangsa Walk during Ramadhan proved a pain. The car park was full, and the place was packed with stalls spilling onto the corridors. Rather messy if you had to babysit a couple of disinterested children. 
The theme for the Raya decorations there was Upin & Ipin. They even made appearances today, but my boys were the least bit amused. The place was too packed for theirs and my liking. And the shopping was not really cheap there either. 
Anita and I went there for shopping the other day, and ended up going to another mall because the kids were playing up. But we might return minus the boys, if we could get there early enough on the day, before the car park being filled .....
Wangsa Walk Mall is located in Wangsa Maju, near the exit from DUKE ....
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