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Subang to ParkCity

I spend Monday morning exploring the route from Subang to Desa ParkCity. Tricky, but leaving after 9, the traffic was light when I cruised down LDP highway. But, I then missed a turn near Keeping, and ended up having to exit the MRR2 to make a U-turn. That added an extra 10 minutes to my journey.

But the main thing was it took just over half an hour to the total travel time, which was great.

It was one thing traveling outside rush hour, another during it. So, I think I'd better plan my journey as such so that I could limit unnecessary travel. From next week, I would start Monday and Wednesday mornings there. That meant, no more relaxing Monday morning ritual at Chawan - well, that had to cut down.

I've also made arrangements to start with the first patient only after 10. The only problem would be if I had to look after patients at ParkCity as the primary doctor. I would make a point to transfer the ill patients across to Subang as I couldn't afford to ferry myself back and forth. It would end up badly for the patient and I.

I spent the rest of the morning looking around at the facilities, my clinic room, the wards, CCU and the labs.

Driving back, via Bangsar, took a bit longer as my GPS took me into the back roads of Bukit Kiara, then Hartamas. This must be avoided during lunchtime though. Nightmare!

So, I'll be traveling down there again tomorrow even though my clinic proper would only begin next week. The first few months should be quiet, and hopefully it won't disrupt my routine too much.

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