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Shopping Before Ramadan

It was always a good idea to go for the Aidil Fitri shopping even before Ramadan begun. You tended to have the best choice - if not the best bargain - minus the hustle and bustle. You can take your time and have a drink or two while doing that which you can't in Ramadan. The crowd tended to be thinner too.

So, the weekend before Ramadan, I took a walk around Masjid India and Jalan Bunus, a must for the city dweller. All the Aidil Fitri wares were available there, if you could be bothered with the crowd and the traffic.

However, nowadays, the whole place had been turned into Mini Jakarta, as the majority of the vendors there at the stalls were foreigner. The locals could be seen trading inside Wisma Yakin and Semua House. The rest of the bazaars had been taken over. Not cool.

I was at Masjid India right after my walk from Central Market. It was just past noon when I arrived there, and the place was already teaming with the city dwellers. Everybody loved a bargain.

Since I have still got my wares from last year, I decided against doing any shopping. Those clothes old clothes were still good. I wonder if Puan Anita would be keen to come? ‎

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