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Alone at the Apartment

I was on call on Friday, and on Saturday, one of my cousin in Kepala Batas was getting married. Since the date of the wedding was confirmed late and I couldn't make the necessary changes to my schedule, I couldn't make the trip up north. But Anita and the boys would be going and would be spending the Friday night there.

But unfortunately again, the MPV overheated again - like it did a couple of months back when Anita and the boys were planning a trip to Kuala Kangsar. They were stuck initially in Tapah and waited for the car to cool down. Once the temperature returned to normal, she had a choice to make. Either spent the night in Ipoh - my boys wanted to spent the night in a hotel - or return to KL. In Ipoh, at least she could visit her cousin as my mother-in-law was tagging along as well.

After some discussion, we decided that she would be better off continuing on slowly. The temperature stayed down and they reached Ipoh without any more drama. The driver would then find a garage the next morning to have the MPV looked at, before returning home.

After spending the night there, they decided to stay on until Sunday and just relax. Which was fine by me.

So, I was alone tonight at the apartment and would need to catch some sleep. I haven't yet fully recovered from the return trip to Lugano. I would also take the time to finish editing the tons of pictures I took during the trip and upload them onto my server. That should take me all weekend.

I just came off the phone with Anita and Idlan said that he missed me. I was sure that he was up to something there.....

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