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Pavilion Decorations

It looks like it was raining rose petals. It wasn't just me, but many others felt the same. Chinese New Year was around the corner and as usual, Pavilion KL had always put in their shift in making sure that their decorations stayed classy. I must say that they did it again.

Since it would be the year of the dogs, there were not many statues around. There was one outside Starhill Gallery which I saw. But to make sure the Moslems don't get upset, they put up statues of the deities instead. Understandable.

The Centre stage had the usual elevations for shows and what not. The decorations started in earnest from the fountain by the Bukit Bintang entrance. There flowers aplenty leading into the mall, with plenty of Instagram opportunities.

I didn't see any events when I was there since it was actually a weekday. Might as well as it wasn't too crowded when I visited.

With the expanse, I had the chance to test out the wide angle lens on the GoPro. The photos turned out really well. The videos were nice as well. The next couple of weekends would be peak shopping before the New Year. Expect the place to be packed from now on.

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This was BB Plaza

I was staggered to see the old BB Plaza now in rubbles. No sign of any work on the new building yet but I was sure that would be coming. The last time I entered that mall was almost 3 years back.

During last Saturday's outing, I was led from Pavilion to Low Yat Plaza. On the way back I went towards Jalan Bukit Bintang instead of walking through Sungei Wang Plaza. I could see empty walls behind the zinc plates they used to block the construction area. It was surreal.

The zinc partition into the work areaI thought that the new building would be built at the same time as the MRT as to minimise disruption. But then again, this is Malaysia. I would expect more traffic jam in the near future while the new construction took shape. These things should have been planned properly, but no point having a headache about that.

So, no BB Plaza. No Ampang Park. Time to move forward.

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Post Call Sunday

The call last weekend was a strange one. It was busy during the day but in the evening, things just chilled out. I was able to watch United's game at the lounge and had a decent uninterupted sleep.

The post- call day being Sunday also helped a lot. That allowed me to take my time doing the rounds and get on with my day. I happened to wake up early, and despite having to hop over to Ara Damansara to see a referral, I was done well before noon.

I took a quick nap during lunch time and soon got bored. The weather was pretty decent - it had been gloomy and cool in the past week - and decided not to stay in.

I first drove to APW where Riuh was going on. Had some coffee there before setting off to Bukit Bintang with my camera. Before I knew it, I was exploring the decorations and making enquiries on GoPro. All in a real nice pace. I even had the chance to have a look at iMac Pro at one the shops.

Anita prepared dinner that evening and asked me to get home early to eat. Kind road traffic allowed me to return in plenty of time. It certainly was a full afternoon ...

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Dull Outing

Since I had a few hours to spear - while taking Anita out at the mall - I decided to have a walk around Bukit Bintang to see how cool the weather would be.

It was cold alright. And it was also rather dull. The light quality wasn't great and the outdoor photos just didn't have that usual pop when it came to colours.

Looking down the Bukit Bintang Entrance to PavilionThe main foyer was still being prepared ...More flowers outside ...The entrance was full of people ...

While walking, I realised that Sungai Plaza had been complete torn down. And it was not really to make way for the new MRT line. The project there was to supplement the new transport network and from what I heard, there would be a new luxury apartment cum hotel taking over the space.

A cutie ...Street performerCan't seem to catch a decent light ...Time to scuttle back ...The place was still flat with no sign of piling being done yet. Looked like the place would be a construction for a few more years ...

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Merry Xmas

Or should I say "Mary Christmas" as the saying went.

I will be on call this Xmas Day - something that happened quite commonly. The Xmas Eve turned out to be a Sunday and many used the opportunity to do some last minute buys. The shopping complex was full and although I got some free time this afternoon, I didn't spent much time outside.

I took the MRT from KL Sentral to Bukit Bintang. The coaches were empty but despite that, the road were full clearly people prefer to drive in town although the traffic must have been a nightmare.

I decided to sort out my credit card payment - the main reason I had to be out - and after a quick lunch, carried on home. I ended up having a nice afternoon nap instead. So much for a free afternoon ...

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