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Isetan Lot 10

This place is neat. A piece of Japan in the middle of KL. Bukit Bintang to be specific.

I managed to get home earlier than usual last Tuesday and I decided to ask Anita for an afternoon out. This time it was slightly different. I took her on the new MRT, after sampling it myself for the first time earlier last weekend.

We parked at NU Sentral as I usually do, took the MRT and came out of the station right in front of Lot 10. I told Anita that there had been some major renovations going on there and the new Isetan at Lot 10 had been completely transformed.

Some nice lighting on the top floorThose were killer macarons Time to explore Anita was skeptical at first. But it didn't take long for the place to win her over. The Lower Ground floor where all the food were left the biggest impression on her. I was more into the the "workspace cubicles" on the third floor. They had a nice little care with some really cracking books around there.

Let's start with the food as I felt that the cubicles deserved a separate entry. Most of the items were rules in especially. The cakes were luxurious and really tummy, although very costly. Anita bought to slices and even before we left the store, those had gone through her mouth. They were that good.

There were a number of sushi bars there as well. We didn't try them as we were not sure if they were halal. Plus it was still too early for dinner. We had a good look around. The Waugh beef specially imported in .... those scrumptious cookies and short cakes! Too many temptations.

Really wished that I could spend more time there. Maybe sample a cuisine or two. But not today ... Many more floors to explore ...

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It Has Been a While

It had been a while since I had the chance to have a nice walk in town, just with my camera. Ramadhan, then Raya made for busy weekends. Last Sunday morning, I had a couple of free hours and I did just that.

I kinda got a good feel taking wide-angle street photos lately. I had the choice of either the Alpha 7 with the Batis or as I did this time around, the X-Pro2 with the 10-24 mm wide angle zoom. I got off the rounds early, got to the bank and sorted out my credit card payments plus a quick stop at Low Yat checking out the new gadgets.

What did I check out this time? The new 10.5 inch iPad Pro. Definitely nippy but my old iPad was still working fine.

I spent some time around Pavilion looking for a new pair of shoes, but nothing caught my fancy. Going out this early on a Sunday meant that there were hardly any traffic to content with. Everything was smooth and I get to see and do what I planned smoothly. I was back at the apartment well before lunchtime ...

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Starting Early

KL was rather quiet on the First of Ramadan. It was a Saturday and the start of a couple of weeks long school holidays, giving the opportunity for most of the city dwellers to head for their kampung to celebrate the beginning of the fasting month.

After sorting out my ward round, Anita asked if I could take her to Pavilion since she had to make some alterations to her clothes there. The drive there was straight forward, but the shopping mall was relatively packed. The decorations were starting to be erected and I was sure the place would look a lot different come next week.

Ketupat outside Pavilion entranceSalam AidilfitriMaybe the car was there for "kereta Raya" promotion

I took some time walking around there with my camera just observing around. Quite a spectacle.

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Labour Day

After staying low for almost a month, I decided to take my camera out and have a quick meal outside. It was a public holiday and after my ward round I decided to venture out.

I fancied some Arab food. Some kebab. But unfortunately the place were not run by anyone from the Middle East anymore. In fact not a single one of the staff there were Arab. All of them were Bangladeshi. But I assumed that being a Labour Day, the usual workers got their day off!

Any how, the meal was a disaster. Some slices of kebab meat in a pitta bread rolled with some potato fries in them! This lot was really creative!

Leaving the shop unimpressed, I walked around Bukit Bintang quietly, and soon after to started to rain .... Enough for the short outing! Time to get some shelters ...

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More Cock

I had a good Sunday starting from the breakfast at PULP. By 10.30 we were already at KL Convention Centre where a home improvement exhibition was going on. Anita got a great deal on a new fridge and she got further discount for the final day of the exhibition. It would be delivered to us before the end of the week.

I then went to the Mac shop to sort out my dongle issue with the new MacBook. And by the time I was done, it was still before noon. Time to take a walk. So, off I went from Suria onto the link bridge to Pavilion. And there, I saw that the decorations for CNY was complete! All the cocks were out! The roosters were flying around indeed!

After that was done, it was time for lunch at back I walked to Suria to join Anita. Disappointingly we were not able to get a frisbee for Idlan to practice - he wanted to try “ultimate frisbee” in school. When we finally reached home, it wasn’t even 3 pm yet. Anita then took to clear the store as more renovations were planned for tomorrow. A team was coming to sort out the wall panelling and cabinets for us .... More knocking.

The boys would be in school tomorrow, and I was still on holiday, I would drive Idlan in. He would enjoy that I would be sure ...

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